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Our Core Values

To hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard, Ampflo operates in alignment with three core values that we believe are critical to both the success of our clients and our team:

1. Relationships Over Contracts

Ampflo is built on the foundations of strong client and supplier relationships because we always act in their best interests – when they win, we win. This philosophy drives us to pursue the most cost-efficient solution, whilst still maintaining network integrity for our key stakeholders – mitigating the overall risk throughout our clients developments.

2. Simple Is Always Better

Our line of work is governed by rules and regulations that are constantly updating, often complicated, and never a black and white solution. We strive to bring clarity and ease to what is usually a daunting process for our clients, because in our eyes, the best results arise through simplification.

3. Pride Produces Quality

Ampflo has pride in the brand that sits on the title block of each design and it’s why we strive to produce quality work only - no ifs or buts. It’s a combination of our commitment to excellence and unsurpassed service that delivers the value that our clients have come to know and love – and why we want you to experience it firsthand.

Are You The Right Fit For Ampflo?

  • You believe you can consistently uphold our three core values.
  • You have the aptitude to deliver high quality work and the attitude to want to do it every single time.
  • You’re motivated to consistently deliver exceptional results that go above and beyond our client’s expectations.
  • You’re both eager to learn the current role and driven to grow into a future role.
  • You are confident enough to lead and humbled enough to follow
  • You’re proactive in your approach and don’t need someone looking over shoulder.
  • You thrive in an accountable environment.
  • You enjoy engaging and collaborating with other team members.
  • You have a passion for excellence.
  • You're open, adaptable and comfortable with change.

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