"We Issue Certificates Of Supply Directly To You,

Fast Tracking The Approval Process And Getting Your Project Off The Ground Sooner."

We understand that as a developer both project timeframes and budgets can be tight. That's why we leverage our position as Energex and Ergon 'A' rated accredited consultants to provide you with a faster approval process by issuing Certificates of Supply directly to you – the developer. This speeds up your project ready for plan sealing.

Damian Vescovi – Managing Director

Over 5,000 COS issued

Do You Need An Energex Certificate of Supply?

An Energex Certificate of Electrical Supply is requested by all councils in the South East Queensland region prior to subdivision plans being sealed. The certificate is a legal document confirming that electricity supply is available to each lot of the development in accordance with the council’s development application conditions.

The 4 Reasons Why You Need Our Team Issuing Your Certificate Of Supply

Over 4500 Certificate Of Supply's Issued

Ampflo has successfully issued over 4500 Certificates Of Supply to developers throughout SEQ. This experience has enabled our team to become intimately in tune with the unique needs of Energex & Council rules throughout this process.

  Energex and Ergon
'A' Rated Consultants

As Energex and Ergon 'A' rated accredited consultants, the Ampflo team are able to perform faster approval processing and plan sealing by issuing Certificates of Supply directly to the developer – speeding up your project and decreasing overall costs.

Unmatched Experience

With nearly 70 Years’ of combined industry experience between director's Barbara Allen and Damian Vescovi, the Ampflo team is unmatched when it comes to industry know-how and electrical and telecommunications technical capability. 

Strong Client & Supplier Relationships

Ampflo is built on the foundations of strong relationships – not contracts. This approach to business has enabled us to form hundreds of strong, long-term client and supplier relationships over our many years of operation and we plan to make many, more.

Interested In Getting A Certificate Of Supply?