Our Services For Transport Infrastructure Include...

Lighting & Traffic Signals:

  • Lighting Compliance Assessments
  • Authority Approvals
  • Public Lighting Supply Agreements

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS):

  • Managed Motorways
  • CCTVs and Vehicle Monitoring Systems
  • Variable Message Signs
  • Vehicle & Pedestrian Detection Systems

We Want Your Project To Be A Success.

That's Why We Act On Your Behalf Throughout The Following Three Stages:

1. Due Diligence & Detailed Design

We first run your project through our due diligence process, where we conduct a complete feasibility study at absolutely no cost to the client. We then prepare the lighting designs in accordance with Energex standards and the Australian Public Lighting Code. Then the designs are signed off from our in-house RPEQ

2. Tendering & Approval Process

We then manage the construction tendering process where we recommend a preferred contractor that we deem the most suitable for your project. Once selected, we then act on your behalf by handling both the councils and Energex’s, sometimes complex, approval process to get your project off the ground.

3. Construction Process & Close Out

 Throughout the construction phase, we coordinate the project until final completion. To ensure a seamless delivery, we work closely with the contractor, providing technical support, maintaining the project schedule and validating progress claims and variation requests. We then ensure all close out documentation is promptly processed.

4 Reasons Why You Need Us To Manage The Transport Infrastructure On Your Project

ENERGEX Partner & 'A' Rated Consultant

As an ENERGEX Partner and 'A' rated accredited consultant, we are able to both perform faster approval processing and work closely with Energex preferred contractors – speeding up your project and decreasing overall costs from design to construction.

Unmatched Experience

With nearly 70 Years’ of combined industry experience between director's Barbara Allen and Damian Vescovi, the Ampflo team is unmatched when it comes to industry know-how and electrical and telecommunications technical capability. 

Strictly No Outsourcing

Ampflo has pride in the brand that sits on the title block of each design and it’s why we choose to perform everything in-house to maintain the high Ampflo standard across all our work.  It's this level of quality assurance that our clients have come to know and love.  

The Ampflo Philosophy

When you win, we win. It's this difference in philosophy that drives us to pursue the most cost-effective and stress-free solution for our clients, whilst still maintaining network integrity for our key stakeholders – mitigating the overall risk throughout your project.

The Difference Is In Our Process

Here at Ampflo we like to do things a little differently than most.

We choose to have all the works performed in house by our own staff rather than outsourcing to sub-contracting consultants.

This way of operating enables our team to not only have the flexibility to react to your needs, but also the capability to give your project the detailed care, attention and due-diligence necessary in delivering the greatest value possible to you – our client.

We’ve found it’s this difference – the unmatchable customer experience through the ability to control both the quality and timing of our client’s projects – that constantly sets us apart time and time again.

"... Poor quality design and documentation is estimated to cost 7% of total construction costs, with re-work in construction likely to be greater than 10% of total costs.” 

Australia’s Cooperative Research Centre for Construction Coordination (QUT)

Following your project from beginning to end allows us to provide you with absolute clarity of the requirements and cost at all points throughout your project. This means, right from initial concept, you will know clear costs and exactly what is required in order to successfully complete your project.

Damian Vescovi

Managing Director

Interested In Using Our Team To Manage The Transport Infrastructure On Your Project?